Detailing Services


This package is reserved for repeat customers that have previously had a level 1 or more package in the past 60 days. The maintenance detail is to keep the vehicle in tip top shape. This package is to maintain the protection previously applied, and a quick interior clean. Ask about weekly, bi-weekly or monthly services.      S – $80|M – $90|L – $100

  • Foam cannon wash
  • Windows in/out
  • Quick vacuum
  • Dash, doors, and console cleaned
  • Leather wiped down
  • Door jambs, trunk jamb, and gas cap wiped down
  • Wheels/tires cleaned and dressed
  • Synthetic spray wax 
  • Fragrance


The level 1 protection package is a thorough detail inside and out with a long lasting sealant applied. The interior gets a deep vacuum, and all surfaces cleaned and conditioned. The exterior will be hand washed, wheel faces and barrels cleaned, and a long lasting si02 sealant applied. This is recommended to all first time clients.                                                                                                                   S – $125|M – $150|L – $175 

  • Foam/Hand wash 
  • Windows in/out
  • Thorough vacuum 
  • UV conditioner on doors, dash, and console
  • Leather cleaned 
  • Wheels deep cleaned
  • Wheel wells cleaned 
  • Trim conditioned 
  • SiO2 sealant 


The level 2 enhancement package will clean the paint of swirls and minor defects, enhancing gloss, topped with a sealant for lasting protection. The vehicle will need to be dropped off at our location to perform this service.  This package starts at $350, final price will be determined upon inspection. 

  • Clay bar
  • Decontamination wash 
  • One step polish 
  • SiO2 Sealant 
  • Steam clean interior 
  • Wheels deep cleaned and sealed 
  • Trim conditioned and sealed
  • Clean and condition leather 
  • Can substitute sealant for ceramic coating with this package!


The level 3 detail is recommended for those looking for a paint correction and ceramic coating. The vehicle will undergo a multi-step paint correction process, removing swirls and imperfections, leaving the paint glossy and protected. Two layers of ceramic coating will be applied to all surfaces. The vehicle will need to be dropped off at our location to perform this service. This package starts at $600, final price will be determined upon inspection.

  • Clay bar 
  • Decontamination Wash 
  • Multi step paint correction process
  • Ceramic coating 

Golf Cart detail

Starting at $25

The golf cart detail is a quick clean up of your cart whether it’s multi-use or for the links. 

  • Hand wash
  • Wheels cleaned
  • Tires dressed
  • Vinyl and plastics cleaned and dressed
  • Windshield cleaned

Headlight Restoration

$60 or add to any package for $50.

Cloudy or faded headlights? We take care of that as well. Increase your vehicle’s appearance and your safety driving at night. Our multi-step process will make your headlights like new again and remain in that condition for years, not months!! We offer a 2 year warranty on all headlights. 

Interior Full Detail

Starting at $125

The interior will be deep cleaned top to bottom, leaving the vehicle in like new condition. 

  • Thorough vacuum
  • Dash, doors, console, all plastics scrubbed clean and UV conditioner applied
  • Carpet extraction 
  • Steam clean vents, cupholders, all crevices, etc.
  • ozone generator to remove all foul odors


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